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How to use hyphens and dashes BBC Bitesize

How to use hyphens and dashes BBC Bitesize

What is Dash

The bakery was also adept at deliciously modifying recipes to meet any variety of dietary restrictions—not an easy feat in many cases. The pies changed—apple year-round, for example, but pumpkin in fall and winter, strawberry rhubarb in spring, and peach in summer—as the bakery’s devotion to fresh ingredients dictated. https://www.tokenexus.com/ A regular selection of three kinds of croissants—plain, almond, and chocolate—was heartening, both Mabel and Harry agreed. Mabel the Cat was delighted with the assortment of pastries the new bakery featured, but Harry the Dog—he felt otherwise. (4) To mark a parenthesis (e.g., an afterthought or a clarification).

Few keyboards have a dash, but a word processor can

usually produce one in one way or another. If your keyboard can’t produce a

dash, you will have to resort to a hyphen as a stand-in. In British usage, we

use only a single hyphen to represent a dash – like this. American usage, in

contrast, uses two consecutive hyphens — like this (A). Here I must confess

that I strongly prefer the American style, since the double hyphen is far more

more prominent than a single one and avoids any possibility of ambiguity. If

you are writing for publication, you will probably have to use the single

hyphen; in other contexts, you should consider using the more vivid double


Take aim at salt

Below, our nutritionist explains what the DASH diet involves and why it’s gained popularity with those looking to lower the sodium they consume. Write four of your own sentences using a single dash to show an after-thought. They can be used to link two words together, so the word or phrase makes sense and doesn’t confuse the reader. In TeX, the standard fonts have no figure dash; however, the digits normally all have the same width as the en dash, so an en dash can be a substitution for the figure dash. In XeLaTeX, one can use \char”2012.[10] The Linux Libertine font also has the figure dash glyph. The minus sign − (U+2212 − MINUS SIGN) glyph is generally set a little higher, so as to be level with the horizontal bar of the plus sign.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Hyphens and dashes may look similar, but they serve different purposes. The Dash risk checklist can be used for all intimate partner relationships, including LGBTQ+ relationships, as well as for ’honour’-based violence and family violence. It aims to provide a uniform understanding of risk across professions. Mabel and Harry don’t like to linger on their memories of Webster-

burg’s pre-bakery days. Here are some sentence examples to show you how a dash can be used in a sentence.

What Are Em Dashes ( — ) And How Do You Use Them?

That amount agrees with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. That’s about the amount of sodium in 1 teaspoon of table salt. For more information, What is Dash see the pages for the hyphen and the en dash. The long dash may be used to emphasize an idea that appears at the end of a sentence.

An em dash is used to indicate a break in a sentence or question. It is used in the same manner as a parenthetical expression. Rather than placing parentheses around a phrase within a statement, writers can opt to surround the phrase with an em dash on either end.

Great Big List of Beautiful and Useless Words, Vol. 1

The name em indicates that the dash is roughly the size of the letter “m.” Em dashes save the day when other punctuation would be awkward. The em dash can function like a comma, a colon, or parenthesis. Like commas and parentheses, em dashes set off extra information, such as examples, explanatory or descriptive phrases, or supplemental facts.

  • You can use an en dash in a complex compound adjective when one or both of its elements are already hyphenated compounds, although it’s also acceptable to use hyphens in these kinds of constructions—just be consistent.
  • Like most eating plans the DASH diet is more effective when combined with lifestyle modifications including managing weight, getting regular exercise, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol consumption.
  • The en dash – always with spaces in running text when, as discussed in this section, indicating a parenthesis or pause – and the spaced em dash both have a certain technical advantage over the unspaced em dash.
  • Discover how DASH can help you lower your blood pressure and improve your health.
  • The most common types of dashes are the en dash (–) and the em dash (—).

This is the standard method of printing dialogue in some languages. The em dash is equally suitable if the quotation dash is unavailable or is contrary to the house style being used. On the other hand, a spaced en dash may be ambiguous when it is also used for ranges, for example, in dates or between geographical locations with internal spaces.

A man has been arrested after the incident in the superstore on Saturday. First Minister Humza Yousaf has accused the UK government of sabotaging a pilot recycling scheme by excluding glass. The insects arrived in a mass swarm at the 63rd+1st on Sunday morning and gradually settled on a railing outside. A swarm of 20,000 bees which forced the closure of a Glasgow bar has finally been moved on after three days. Connor Gibson was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years for sexually assaulting and murdering his sister.

  • Note that dashes are rather informal and should be used carefully in writing.
  • If you see a long, straight line breaking up words in a sentence, then it’s likely a dash and not a hyphen.
  • Most people don’t even know they have high blood pressure but it affects about one third of all UK adults.
  • While it is targeted towards people trying to lower their blood pressure, it offers a flexible diet that focuses on the fundamentals of healthy eating —  so just about anyone can follow it.
  • It may indicate an interpolation stronger than that demarcated by parentheses, as in the following from Nicholson Baker’s The Mezzanine (the degree of difference is subjective).
  • For more information, see the pages for the hyphen and the en dash.

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